Membership has it's benefits

Skill Building Workshops

These events are designed to assist individuals within the group to gain new tactical skills that will facilitate professional and company progress. These events consist of one or two experts walking the group through discussions on presentation skills, team building, etc. These events are interactive with good audience participation being created by the presenter. These events run approximately 2.5 hours.

Quarterly Catch Ups

These events are the best-attended events by the group as all attendees sit in a room and simply provide an update on three successes and three hurdles from the previous quarter. This concise and focused process allows for the group to collectively take the knowledge and insight of their colleagues back to their businesses to expedite progress. Each individual company is limited to around 10 minutes of discussion time. These events run approximately 2.5 hours.

Annual Awards Dinner

This event, which is run just once a year, is a dinner that gives the group the opportunity to socialize and to provide some awards to friends and colleagues while catching up on another year. It is simply a group event which can be good for the overall camaraderie after another year of dedicated work. These events run approximately 3.5 hours.