About the Event

The event will be run completely in Portland, Oregon as William Hambrecht and his four general partners, including Portland-based data scientist and investor Thomas Thurston, will see 28 hand picked Oregon-based disruptive and high growth starts ups pitch for funding from Ironstone Group. The 28 companies were selected from input from the executives and managers of many of the leading accelerators and incubators and funds in Oregon including Starve Ups, PIE, Portland Seed Fund, Upstart Labs, and Oregon Entrepreneurs Network.

"These are some of the best of the best companies according to the accelerators and seed funds that have supported them through to this phase of startups known as the emerging growth stage.", says John Friess, co-founder of Starve Ups and event coordinator. "The fact of the matter is that these 28 startups have proven market validation, many are post revenue, and all are high growth companies simply seeking the appropriate capitalization to reach their true potential."

"This stage of startups is the most difficult to find funding.  There is more angel and seed capital than ever before. And unprecedented support in the form of accelerators and mentors for idea stage companies. But there is a dearth of early stage venture capital leaving many amazing companies with great growth and tremendous prospects wanting for capital" say Chris Logan, Starve Ups board member and event coordinator. He goes on to say, "Disrupting markets and achieving hyper growth often depends on access to capital."

Event Format

The Venture Community Portland event will include a series of keynotes by Hambrecht & Thurston to the presenting companies, as well as an open to the public panel event with all of the General Partners of Ironstone Group. During the three day event those same General Partners will be touring the city seeing some of the physical accelerators and the startup hubs of Portland. The 28 presenting companies include notable Oregon startups including Athletepath, Arcimoto, cel.ly, indow windows, journey gym, OpenSesame, Paydici, Vizify and Welvu.