Starve Ups was Oregon's first startup accelerator and has been built upon its cornerstone of "proven peer mentoring for founders", which is exactly what Starve Ups stands for, excels at, and focuses on as a group.  Starve Ups was launched by founders, and is solely for founders, of innovative and disruptive startups in all industries.  The group works tirelessly to statistically change the game for founders and to make startups exponentially more successful in a more efficient and effective ecosystem.

It is simple, the end-to-end full lifecycle approach of Starve Ups is to support each of our membershp companies to SURVIVE the R&D and launch phase, to STRIVE to profitability and expansion, and to THRIVE to their positive exit or existence.  Today, nearly a decade and a half later, Starve Ups companies are 6 times more likely to stay in business, 5 times more likely to garner angel and VC funding, and 2.5 times more likely to be acquired via a positive exit than other startups nationally. 


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Starve Ups was founded on October 15, 2000 by a group of founders, from seven Oregon-based start up companies, as the state's first accelerator dedicated to helping founders of start ups create successful sustainable businesses via optimized proven peer mentoring.


Starve Ups Launch Pad is an annual event where as many as 75 new startups go through a 3 day intensive event run by founders for founders. The event begins with an amazing keynote speaker on Friday night, along with 20 second pitches by all of the founders.