Open-to-Public Events

Starve Ups public only events have been designed and refined over 18 years to assist founders and startups to survive, strive, and then thrive.



Starve Ups Launch Pad is an annual event where as many as 75 new startups, from all around the Pacific Northwest go through a 2.5 day intensive event run by founders, solely for founders. This event has been refined over 10 years and is the go to event for early stage startup founders. The event is free, all meals are provided and no equity is taken.


How to find the right co-founder
How to build an effective board
How to attract an initial team
How to pitch to investors
How to raise capital
How to negotiate
How to network
How to market
How to sell


The event begins with dinner, an overview of the event, and then the founder attendees are split into teams. Next, we have an amazing keynote speaker who has been highly successful in the startup ecosystem. Finally, we go through 20 second pitches by all of the founders in attendance.


We start day two with networking over breakfast and then we move into the first three of five founder panels. Each panel discusses an area of building startups critical to new founders (i.e. Team Building, Fundraising, Sales & Marketing). Then, between each panel is an interactive team exercise where the panels' feedback is put to the test.


We begin day three again with another networking breakfast and then the final two panels and interactive team exercises. We wrap up the event with one more keynote and with feedback from each of the founders/teams in attendance around the impact the event had on them.

Finally, the winning team takes home a ton of products from local Starve Ups companies and other local startups. Over the course of the 2.5 days founders build knowledge, refine skills, build networks and learn about proven peer mentoring in a way they never have before. It is simply invaluable and will get founders stoked for the ventures they have founded.


Venture Community is Oregon’s original reverse road show for startups from every industry in the midst of a Seed or Series A Round. It is an event created by, and run by, Starve Ups. The event runs over two days and provides 25 selected, fund-ready, startups the chance to present to six premier West Coast Angel and VC funds.

Venture Community is run completely in Portland. The participating Angel and VC Funds see the 25 hand picked Oregon-based, disruptive, and high growth startups. Each company presents one-on-one to the fund vs. in an auditorium or popular demo day approach. Each fund then makes an independent funding decision and/or can syndicate with the other funds for investments.

The 25 companies are selected from input from many of the leading accelerators, organizations, and funds in Oregon including Rogue Venture Partners, Starve Ups, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, Portland Seed Fund, and Seven Peaks Ventures.

These are some of the best and brightest companies according to the accelerators and funds that have supported them through to this phase. The selection group also believes these are some of the most deserving startups that should represent the state in front of these leading funds.


Calling the founders of startups. It is clear you deserve a break, a chance to network directly with other founders, and to hear from some of the great new and existing startups here in town. And, please let us treat you to the drinks and food too.

Founder networking and mentoring solely with other founders is at the core of what Starve Ups is all about. So, please join us at the end of the work week as we provide local eats, beverages, and the purest networking that you can get, "proven peer mentoring for founders".

You are welcome to bring any other founders that you think might have interest in this event or just want a free bite to eat. We then hear from the founders of three incredible Oregon-based startups that are going to present to us via their quick pitches. This event is open to the public.

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