EST. 2000


Starve Ups was founded in October 2000 by a group of first time founders, from seven Oregon-based startup companies, as Oregon's first startup accelerator. In attendance were the founders of what became the startups knowns as AssetExchange, CoolerEmail, eROI, Rumblefish, VIA, Versation and wired.MD.

EST. 2013


Starve Ups Eugene was founded in December of 2013 by a group of founders, from ten Oregon-based startup companies including: Arcimoto, BT Biotech,, Dune Sciences, Light Dance, Manage My Co-op, MxResearch, NemaMetrix, Organik and Red Duck Foods.

EST. 2017


Starve Ups Bend was founded in January 2017 by a group of founders, from seven Oregon-based startup companies. In attendance were the founding members of the chapter including:

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