Agaso LLC is an Internet software development company located in the Portland metro area. The company was formed from a core group of experienced web developers and project managers who are experts at making web-based data applications. Agaso has been an early adopter of Microsoft .NET and XML technology, which has decreased development time while making stronger, faster applications. The company's style of development is especially suited for collaborating with a design firm who creates the visual look and feel, while it integrates the functionality and data access.

Agaso specializes in data-intensive web applications, e-commerce, online publishing, customer data collection, and online directories. Many of its sites have an extensive administrative interface on the back-end, where an administrator can manage the behavior or the content of a website. Many of Agaso's sites also integrate with external programs or data sources that are part of the business systems already in place. 

Rather than try to develop applications in multiple platforms, Agaso has a defined technical space. It takes advantage of the Microsoft NT and Windows 2000 development environments for solid software and quick development. Agaso's applications feature three-tiered architecture, object oriented design, compiled IIS COM components or compiled .net classes using VB or C#, XML/XSL stylesheet transformation, and SQL stored procedures. Agaso is an early adopter of the new Microsoft .NET technologies. The bottom line for the company's clients is that Agaso builds our applications to be rapid, robust and scalable using the current industry standards for Internet development.

Founding Team

Todd Lincoln, David Specht


Agency/Web Design

Funding Source

Self Funded



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