For the last seven years, a chemist in the small town of Longview, WA has been working with technologies designed to convert waste plastic material into usable fuel products. In the spring of 2004, he began work on a process of his own design that he believed would help to minimize, and possibly even eliminate, the problem of mixed waste plastic being dumped into landfills every working day. He also started to develop a select team of individuals who shared his passion and vision: A cleaner world for their children, a method of decreasing our reliance on foreign energy supplies, and a mechanism for empowering every community on earth with energy supplied by locally available plastic waste.

The current assessment of global energy demand reveals that several nations have dramatically increased their consumption of petrochemical fuels and products, and this demand is forecasted to increase dramatically in short term. The era of consistently cheap, readily-accessible oil is over, and is being replaced with a much more volatile marketplace, both economically and politically. Meanwhile, alternative energy technologies are attracting ever-increasing interest, with some experts indicating that the entire alternative energy sector has reached a sustainable critical mass.

About Agylix

Agilyx is currently focused on continued development of its technology, a simple, scalable system that allows clients to divert mixed-waste plastic (MWP) away from landfill disposal and converts these waste materials into high-value, clean energy products. Our system scales to match the customer's required throughput, dynamically adjusts itself to the variations in the composition of the plastics, and separates the valuable petrochemicals from the unusable components commonly found in MWP. Our process for converting MWP into usable energy products costs considerably less than purchasing these same products from refined crude petroleum sources. These products can also be blended with Biofuels to provide companies or municipalities with a complete, off-the-grid energy solution.

Over 26,000,000 tons of MWP are deposited into US landfills each year; that figure represents over 6 billion gallons of recoverable clean fuel products. Worldwide, the figure is 3 to 5 times that amount. Agilyx is committed to developing a simple, localized technology that provides a sustainable solution to the problems of plastic waste and energy demand wherever they may occur. While fully developed communities will benefit from Agilyx's energy generation technology and concurrent positive environmental impacts, developing and impoverished regions of the world may be able to-for the first time-provide themselves with a means for realizing their hopes and dreams.

Act Locally, Think Globally.

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