We needed a word that made us think of floating through powder, launching a method, and ripping a fart, all at once. Laughter… we needed a name that made us laugh. We were sitting in Travis Parker’s basement brainstorming a name for our imaginary company. We imagined a company that would make the absolute best gear for our friends. How? By designing every piece of product with and for our friends. We imagined a company that would inject the snowboard world with a serious jolt of fun from which it would never fully recover. We imagined Airblaster! That was 10 years ago. 

After a decade filled with fun, friends, and freedom we are still here, having a great time and inviting you to join us. Not only are we here to stay… We are here to Stay Wild! 

Perhaps most importantly, we are here to continue to invent, test, tweak, and bring to market the best Original Fun Product (aka OFP) on the planet. Airblaster exists as a living organism whose purpose remains to make the best snowboard gear for our friends, and to continually reinvent the meaning and manifestation of having fun on a snowboard. The heart, brain, limbs, and spirit of the Airblaster animal are made up of the people who contribute their vision and hard work to Airblaster: Our team, employees, friends, family, shops, and most importantly our customers. To you we say, thank you. Without your support, there would be no such company called Airblaster. 

Because of you, this company called Airblaster is happy to bring you our 10th and most awesome offering of OFP yet! The collective imagination and experience of the Airblaster family is contained within our 2013/14 Line. The products that live on our website represent the culmination of 10 years of experience building gear that keeps you warm, dry, happy, and most importantly, snowboarding with a smile on your face.

The Ninja Suit, our legendary one-piece hooded long underwear suit, has become an absolute necessity for adventurers everywhere. Our complete line of Airblaster Outerwear for Men and Women will keep you dry, happy, and looking snazzy. If you’re looking for the absolute cream of the crop, check out the second generation of our coveted Sasquatch line, representing the apex of function and made from up-cycled materials in extremely limited hand-numbered quantities. A full offering of Goggles, Eyewear, Accessories, and Streetwear rounds out the 13/14 Airblaster line.

With your support, we look forward to the next 10 years being even more awesome than the first 10.

Now gear up, get out there, and Blast some Air!

Founding Team

Grandkoski, Parker, Miller



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