Stand on any busy street corner and watch the cars go by. What you typically see is a single person driving upwards of 5,000 lbs. of steel. Ask those folks where they're going and it's usually a 5-mile trip to the store, or their 10-mile morning commute. Tack on fuel and maintenance costs for that vehicle, and the expense in wasted resources and energy adds up quick for an individual, let alone the multiplicative effect across the whole of society.

Why Arcimoto?

Our vehicle is designed from the ground up to satisfy 90% of everyday drivers. Most of us drive fewer than 40 miles per day, and usually alone but sometimes with another passenger. We took those parameters and set out to build the most efficient vehicle possible without sacrificing comfort, style, or the joy of driving.

Three wheels means less drag on the road while the ""reverse trike"" (two wheels in front) formation provides a highly stable platform for superior handling at high speeds. The form of the vehicle is as small as we could make it while still providing ample space to comfortably fit two passengers of above average height, or for plenty of storage while traveling alone. The tandem seating makes for a slimmer footprint on the road, simplifying driving and parking, enhancing stability on the three-wheeled platform and providing a unique driving experience by placing the driver in the center of the vehicle.

You don't have to change the way you drive. In fact, if you are the ""typical driver"" described above, you will find our vehicle to be a more efficient and more enjoyable implementation of the way you already drive every day.

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