AssetExchange is the leading independent credit card portfolio brokerage firm for credit unions, banks and other financial institutions. AssetExchange assists card issuers that wish to sell their portfolios by bringing multiple, competitive offers from all interested portfolio buyers. This ensures that the seller receives the highest offers and best partnership terms available in the marketplace. In addition, AssetExchange provides a level playing field where portfolio buyers can compete for strategic purchasing opportunities.

The AssetExchange staff is composed of credit card and finance industry experts that gained experience while working for companies such as VISA International, US Bank, Household, Chase Manhattan, Wells Fargo, and more.

In addition to providing credit card portfolio brokerage services, AssetExchange also conducts free portfolio performance assessments, market valuations, and best practices consulting for credit card issuers.

"The best things about StarveUps? We are only about helping each member company succeed. No ulterior motives are involved. We do not see other members as potential sources of revenue. Rather, we merely seek and share candid advice and lend expertise when people need it."

- William Koo, CEO

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