Our mission is simple: Thwart bicycle theft and give cyclists’ peace of mind. Whether a bike is left unattended for a few minutes outside the coffee shop, or all day in a public bike rack, BIKECOP™ is a patent-pending solution to this all-too-common cycling problem.

We believe in community and are listening to cyclists of all types to ensure every environment and scenario is addressed. BIKECOP™ anti-theft technology provides alert and tracking functions, combined with long battery life, covert attachment, and a rugged, shock-absorbing, elegant design. 

We are currently taking prototype models into Beta production. 

As we progress we’ll add auto-arm & disarm functions, enhance reporting techniques and allow free bike registration. Police will get geo-alerts when they enter an area with stolen bikes

We welcome your feedback and ask you to stay engaged while we develop just what you are looking for.

BIKECOP is a GPS-powered security device that will alert you the moment your bike moves unexpectedly and begin tracking it if it is stolen.

The touch of a button on the BIKECOP APP will file a police report, alert your social networks, and report the theft to regional stolen bike registries.

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