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Brass MEDIA Inc. is a multimedia company that produces content for young adults about money and real world stuff™. The flagship publication, brass|MAGAZINE, is read by half a million young adults across the nation, including 85,000 high school students through the brass|STUDENT PROGRAM. brass also reaches young adults with content shared online on the brass|SHOW video podcast and regularly posted on the brass|BLOG. More information about brass|MEDIA Inc. can be found at or by contacting brass at [541] 753.8546.

Brass beginnings

Conceived in 2001 while in a high school business class, Bryan Sims built brass with a vision to expand young adults’ understanding of money and how it affects their lives. After competing and placing in several university business plan competitions, Sims decided it was time to start his own business to fulfill his vision. brass|MEDIA Inc. was launched in 2003 out of his college dorm room and parents' garage in Corvallis, Oregon. The first issue of brass|MAGAZINE was published in February 2004.

Brass facts


To reach young adults with direct, relevant, and entertaining money content wrapped in a “brassy” package


Over 500,000 magazines distributed quarterly across the United States, to young adults age 16 to 25

Media channels

brass|MAGAZINE [including student and credit union editions] and

brass|BLOG at

brass|SHOW video podcasts

Why young adults

Numerous studies are confirming that today’s young adults are diving deeper into debt, filing for bankruptcy at alarming rates, and having difficulties paying off credit cards. Understanding how money works is an essential life skill, but many young people never receive proper training about making money work for them. brass wants to change that. We want to inspire young adults to help them achieve their financial goals.

What our audience thinks

“As a young-and-coming business person, I am inspired by the stories of successful young businesspersons like you, because it encourages me to continue working harder to achieve all my goals.” [Darius, 17]
“People our age need to know that this magazine exists, as we all have similar money issues, concerns and wants. Keep up the awesome will make a difference in people’s lives.” [Jennifer, 22]
“The relevance to what is being discussed in class is wonderful. The kids also appreciate the fact that it is geared towards their age group.” [New York high school teacher]

Contact Us

Brass MEDIA Inc.

PO Box 1220

Corvallis, OR 97339

phone: [541] 753.8546

fax: [541] 753.8548


Founding Team

Bryan Sims & Steve Sims


Financial Content/IT

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