Cricket Flours

Cricket Flours crafts a full line of gourmet food products made from crickets!  We source our crickets here in North America to develop innovative recipes and products using a sustainable source of protein and nutrition. 

Our products range from our Cricket Brownie Mix to our flavored line of roasted crickets such as our Buffalo Wing Sauce, Cheezy Ranch, or Hickory Smoked Bacon flavors.  Now you can find our crickets through, Amazon, and in various health food stores and museums nationwide.

Cricket Flours first began when our founder discovered he was allergic to a range of different ingredients.  After removing dozens of ingredients, we stumbled across cricket protein as an alternative protein source that was used globally but not here in the US.  After experimenting with it personally, we then began sampling new ideas with friends and family and Cricket Flours was born in 2014. 

Cricket Flours is based in Portland Oregon and honored to have been featured on NPR, OPB, Men’s Health,,, Radio Disney, Fox, NBC, and more.  We always love to connect with our customers so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, or to share new recipes, and thanks for your support!



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