DB Clay
DB Clay

Garett made his first duct tabe wallet in 1998, we officially founded db clay as a company in 2002, we grew it to scale in 6 years time, and then due to economic forces, we shut the company down in late 2008. Flashing forward we founded a new db clay as of January 11, 2011. But it's different now.

Building our wallet business was a good ten year journey and our product mix certainly evolved over time as did we. We aged, we learned, we rose, we fell and we had a good time. db clay is now back buy on very limited scale for now -- and unfortunately, we don't have any products for sale.

At the core of it all, each db clay piece we produce tells a story, intends to spark human interation and encourage meaningful conversation.

Founding Team

Garett Stenson, Tyler Stenson, Jeremy Diggles





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