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SMART TEM Grid Selection and Design

BioGridsTM are active TEM Grids that simplify and standardize TEM sample preparation for biological materials. Their functionalized surfaces provide affinity for biological molecules and other soft materials to control the deposition of materials, improve dispersion, and eliminate artifacts. BioGrids can capture biomolecules including proteins, antibodies, viruses, and bacteria to enable new opportunities for on-grid assays and purification of mixed solutions.

BioGrids TEM Grids are currently available with either 25 nm SiO2 or our new C-SMART functionalized carbon membranes with ultralow background to maximize contrast for even the lightest species. In addition, our LinkedON kits allow users to conjugate a range of biomolecules directly to the grids. BioGrids are the ideal choice for nearly all biological TEM sample preparation including both stained samples and for cryoEM. Benefits include: Bright-field TEM image of bacteriophage Phi29 covalently bonded to BioLysine grids. Sample stained with uranyl acetate Clean, ultra-low background for improved image contrast.

  • Hydrophilic surface eliminated need for glow discharge.
  • Controlled dispersion of biomolecules and pharmaceuticals.
  • Affinity/immunocapture of biomolecules directly on grid.
  • Concentration of viruses and biomolecules on surface from dilute solutions.
  • Direct purification of target analyte on grid surface from complex solutions.
  • Robust for multi-step assays and processing.
  • Improved reproducibility and repeatability.
  • Correlative analysis using broad range of complementary techniques.
  • Uniform staining.
  • C-SMART Grids are ideal for cryoEM.
  •  Dune Sciences offers a number of BioGrids TEM grid configurations to help you visualize a broad range biomaterials and biological samples.

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