Eleven Wireless in an emerging leader in the billing, provisioning and settlement infrastructure for Wi-Fi network operators. Eleven’s products and services enable network operators to deploy, operate and manage all aspects of their Wi-Fi, fixed wireless or wired broadband networks. The Company’s core offering,ElevenOS™, is an innovative Wi-Fi operations platform built on a robust authentication and authorization system, enabling limitless flexibility within public access networks. ElevenOS delivers critical functionality including, roaming, billing/accounting, service provisioning, account creation, and network management.

ElevenOS is a superior, highly scalable and flexible software architecture that allows network operators to analyze, price, bill, and manage their customers on a real-time basis. ElevenOS makes it easy for network operators to attract new customers through an intuitive and robust end-user portal that is easy for operators to implement and support. ElevenOS supports multiple pre-paid billing methods, including credit card, scratch-off, 3rd party pre-paid cards, or hotel room bill. Additionally, ElevenOS can integrate with existing operator or 3rd party billing solutions to provide post-paid services. ElevenOS provides this flexibility not just in billing, but also through service provisioning that allows operators to differentiate their offerings to adapt to changing market conditions. Through its innovative multi-tier authorization architecture and web-based integration methodologies, Eleven’s customers can establish roaming agreements with other operators and can establish reseller channels to expand their footprint.

Eleven has partnered with industry leaders, such as Cisco, Intel and Nomadix, and is continuing to establish relationships that will help drive the company further, as well as help subscriber adoption for its customers.

The company was founded in late 2001 with the focus of attacking a pre-nascent stage market, and become a market leader in the space.

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- Josh Friedman, CEO

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