Gathrly’s philosophy is simple; technology does not create new market behavior, but rather accelerate existing market behavior. A rapidly accelerating market today are the 150-million (and growing) user-generated events occurring in communities every day.


There are two distinct problems from this growing volume of local activity:

  • There isn’t a cost effective and efficient way for SMB’s and Brands to know the what, where, when, and event needs that are occurring in communities. Today’s event platforms are designed to be consumer facing, and don’t allow brands to universally search for and discover local and regional event sponsorship opportunities to connect directly with ideal consumer demographics.
  • Local event organizers have repeated pre-event planning tasks that can be automated

To solve for this, Gathrly is building a SaaS marketplace for event sponsorship, connecting SMB’s and Brands to consumers at local events, everywhere. We begin by aggregating events from a variety of different sources and provide a dynamic and searchable event marketplace for direct and in-person brand engagement opportunities.


Our goal is to enhance existing event platforms by empowering their users (event organizers) 5) to plan efficiently while positively impacting our partners bottom line. More importantly, we are strengthening brand to community relationships by empowering event organizers with the support they need to make the in-person gathering experience better.



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