The Company

We may be the new kids on the block but we’re old hats at custom print products. Our team is stacked full of print geeks that love giving back and inspiring the world to do more good with their photos. is the first and only custom printing brand in the market with a focus on giving back. Set up to become a benefit corporation, our ethos is to deliver profit through purpose while demonstrating brand citizenship in the world at large. We care deeply about the earth and share our customers love of printing the world’s beauty and the memories we make in it.

Founded by Christian Rea, product development and digital marketing maven with 11-years at Fujifilm and 6 more in technical marketing, is positioned as the giveback brand in photo. Our partner team includes nationally recognized branding expert Tor Naerheim, creator of brands like Halo, Hasbro, and more. Nate Kay, an accomplished blogging and SEO expert. And Jordan Sofro, our homegrown prodigy of product development.

Advisory Board

Georgia McCabe, former SVP of Fujifilm e-Systems, and Scott Brownstein, former CTO of Fujifilm e-Systems who pioneered the online and retail kiosk photo market for Walmart and other industry leaders.

Founding Team

Christian Rea, Tor Naerheim, Nate Kay, Jordan Sofro


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