GruntWorks is the conduit between property owners and service providers, adding consumer stickiness to the home services lead generation business. Using in-depth customer and property-specific knowledge to predict and pair needs with solutions, GruntWorks delivers a meaningful experience to the property owner while increasing job volume and improved economic efficiencies to service providers. GruntWorks Inc. provides technology and support to a network of home service providers, community owned licensees, and franchisees.

Property Owners

For the Property Owner, we simplify the process of identifying qualified (community vetted, proven, licensed and insured) service providers, gathering bids, checking references, and scheduling the work. We also provide a layer of advocacy to the property owner. Owners are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to understanding repairs, maintenance, and improvements. There are so many items needing attention and so many providers, owners are overwhelmed. They are filled with fear and skepticism. In the distant past people had local trusted advisors they could turn to who would treat them fairly. GruntWorks is that trusted advisor and each provider arranged through GruntWorks further supports that message and experience.

Service Providers

For the Service Provider, GruntWorks represents an opportunity to improve their level of success. Most trade’s-people are good at their trade, but are often not good sales people or business operators. We increase their billable hours, improve the stickiness with the customers they service, and improve their efficiencies. In short, we help them be more successful while maintaining their individuality.

Through a Personal Home Assistant (PHA), the Company provides homeowners a single point of contact for literally all of their homecare needs. Each need is satisfied through a preapproved, fully vetted service provider who discounts their services in exchange for receiving jobs booked by the Company. As each job is completed, a record of all work is stored in a database for each property. Combined with thorough inventories completed by the PHAs and other partners, such as Realtors and Home Inspectors, the GW database will be able to identify when multitudes of services and replacements are warranted. Additionally, homeowners will have the equivalent of a “CarFax” for their home when they want to sell. Each customer will have a cloud-based record that may be upgraded to store other significant records and photos for insurance and other purposes.

GruntWorks will utilize a first of its kind expansion model to grow nationally. Each GruntWorks location will be owned by the community it serves. These community-owned businesses will be funded through localized Direct Public Offerings providing ownership opportunities to 1,000 local residents. GruntWorks Inc. will retain ownership, oversee operations, and collect royalties in each market.


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