Jive Software improves how people work together through easy-to-use, open-architecture, enterprise collaboration software.


Jive Software believes that collaboration software is too complicated -- for engineers and for users. To succeed it must be intuitive, valuable, and extremely easy to deploy. We fulfill that promise with a flexible system for collaboration that matches an open, enterprise-class architecture with a dedication to ease of use and smarter features. By keeping the architecture open, we ensure that integration and customization are easy, and that employees, customers and partners can all work together in the same environment.


Jive Software’s unique suite of scalable applications offers a robust, user-friendly experience on any platform. Jive Software’s open, 100% J2EE application architecture integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure. Features like advanced caching and server clustering ensure scalability and failover. Jive has recently become one of the leaders in the XMPP protocol for presence and instant messaging. 

Our Approach

a) Leverage the most innovative ideas from the field of social technology; 

b) Allow for deep customization and seamless integration with existing systems;

c) Focus on the most used core collaboration features and removing the unnecessary features.

"We reviewed other solutions that cost 8 to 12 times as much. Jive met all of our major requirements, and didn't come with a lot of the overhead that other products did."

- Glenn Weinstein, VP - Worldwide Technical Support & Services, Borland Software Corporation
"Easily one of the highest quality support and professional services experiences we have ever had. I like to know that the vendor I'm working with is INTERESTED and ENGAGED in solving my problems, and Jive is there 100% of the time." 

- Daryll Swager, VMWare 


CEO: David J. Hersh

VP Engineering: Matt Tucker 

VP Marketing: Sam Lawrence

VP Sales: Scott Campbell 

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Founding Team

Bill Lynch, Matt Tucker, Dave Hersh





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