Journey Gym

Journey gym leads in a new niche deemed compact portable fitness equipment and its marquee product is the world's first truly portable universal gym.

Business Summary: 

Journey gym has a vision of getting the world fit. The company accomplishes this through providing a new class of product called compact portable fitness equipment. The marquee product, the journey gym, is the world's 1st truly portable universal gym and allows users to overcome the single greatest hurdle associated with getting and staying fit, which is a lack of consistency. This is solved by the product going anywhere and being everywhere.

Customer Problem: 

The markets that journey gym serves have the same overarching hurdle and that is that the lack of access to fitness for their customers, employees and members costs them revenues, productivity and renewals.

Product Solution: 

The journey gym provides the ability for access to fitness to be available anytime and anywhere and in turn provides improved fitness to customers at hotels, employees at corporations and members at fitness clubs and diet centers. This improved fitness leads to a single primary financial return for each entity who has a vested interest in their end users being happy (hotels), healthy (corporations), loyal (fitness clubs) and fit (diet centers).

Business Model:  

Journey gym sells a compact portable universal gym fitness solution to hotels, corporations, fitness clubs and diet centers via a B to B approach that is revolutionary in fitness and via DRTV for D to C sales.

Target Markets:  

The journey gym serves five markets including hotels, corporations, fitness clubs, diet centers and direct to consumers each being negatively impacted by their constituents, or themselves, not having access to fitness. They gain an ROI from an easily accessible fitness solution. For hotels it is a solution in the room, for corporations it is a solution on the road, for clubs it is a solution at home, for diet centers it is a solution with food.

Sales Strategy: 

The strategy is to identify the financial denominator for each of the 5 markets that will be changed positively by implementing the journey gym fitness solution. The financial ROI for hotels is improved customer satisfaction around fitness, for corporations it is increased productivity by fit employees, for fitness clubs it is decreased attrition due to at home fitness and for diet centers it is increased renewals due to continued client results.


The competitive landscape is really any product within the home or professional fitness realm. All of these companies are vying for the fitness budgets of the end consumer. This is the beauty of the journey gym product and model. We have not been able to identify a single direct product competitor and our sales approach has never been approached by a fitness company because the efficacy and the size of their products did not allow for it.

Competitive Advantage: 

Journey gym has built a series of barriers including 2 U.S. patents pending (2 more to be submitted), 1st mover status, and extensive domain expertise and most importantly start up experience with successful exits.

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John Friess, Robert Montgomery, Chris Gunson


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