Keen Healthcare
Keen Healthcare

Keen Healthcare develops, produces and distributes innovative, functional and attractive assistive devices that empower individuals by enhancing mobility, bringing greater independence and providing new opportunities.

Empower yourself-take command of your environment. Seize the opportunity to go farther than ever before, and experience a greater freedom to then move.

The Keen Healthcare business philosophy revolves around the idea of empowering individuals to rise above their limitations and push beyond their own self-imposed boundaries. To this end, we develop, manufacture and distribute quality assistive devices that allow for greater mobility, safety, and independence.

Keen products are designed and engineered from the ground up to significantly reduce the impact assistive devices normally have on the body and to reduce the onset of associated conditions and ailments. Each component contributes to the overall safety, effectiveness, appearance and durability of the product.

We will focus on customer needs and offer products and services to meet and exceed their mobility requirements.

We will focus our efforts on improving and optimizing the development and manufacturing processes.

We will be proactive in finding new points of distribution within these markets.

We will look for ways to optimize costs for bringing products and services to market.

We will seek to build relationships with markets, suppliers, and staff, based on mutual respect, understanding and trust.

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Keen Healthcare, Inc. 

Vail Horton 

Chairman & CEO 

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Vail Horton, Jerry Carleton, DJ Widmer & Summer Widmer


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