Lola's Fruit Shrubs

Lola's Fruit Shrubs makes hand crafted cocktail mixers by an old world method called shrub. Shrubs are made by packing fruit and sugar in vinegar. The remaining vinegar is sweet and tangy, and shrub is the drink you make with it. Lola's cocktail mixers allow you to make incredible, hand-crafted cocktails at home without specialized knowledge or skills. You'll be a brilliant mixologist!

Lola's shrubs are both ready to drink and shelf stable. There are no other sodas or mixers made with whole, fresh, organic fruit that are shelf stable, and there are no other shrubs that are ready to drink. All other shrubs are sold as the concentrated vinegar.

Making cocktails at home is fun and is growing quickly alongside the resurgence of craft distilling. Mixers are the fastest growing segment of that market. Heritage products are trending, and shrub is an old world tradition making a comeback in the craft cocktail scene. 

Lola's is a craft, Americana brand capturing the spirit of tradition. 

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