Metolius Hemp Company
Metolius Hemp Company

Metolius Hemp Company - Premium + Enhanced CBD + CBG + CBDV Consumer Hemp Line 'Reducing Or Replacing' Tobacco, Alcohol and Pharmaceuticals With Healthy Vices.

Our vision is to spread Healthy Vices® as we create premium hemp products that easily integrate into your active lifestyle for enhanced wellbeing. Harnessing the wellness benefits of non-psychoactive cannabis, Metolius Hemp has a product for anyone looking to reduce or replace tobacco, THC, or other vices for a healthier hit. We believe hemp has the potential to be one of the most powerful and versatile plant medicines on the planet. Roll with us and let's grow the revolution!

At Metolius Hemp, we believe that our hemp can not only transform people’s health, but also the planet’s. That’s why each aspect of our farming practice gives back to the earth. Whether it’s using lady bugs instead of pesticides for pest control, rejuvenating soil with cover crop planting, or utilizing water conservation techniques, we’re committed to bolstering our community’s health and sequestering carbon for a cleaner, brighter, and healthier future.

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Donnie Gilman, Quin Trick, Robert Montgomery, John Friess, David Mullan, Rion Friess



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