MINIM makes insanely-versatile outdoor clothing designed to break the trend of buying countless garments for different weather scenarios. The company was born in a dorm room when snowboarders and Oregon natives Michael Williamson and Reid Paquet were sick of being cold and wet outside. Tired of lugging rain gear wherever they went, they created something that could provide the protection and warmth needed with the comfort and style they desired. Shortly after, MINIM was born with the launch of its staple product, The All-Weather Hoodie, which performs as both a sweatshirt and rain shell. 

Since its launch, we at MINIM have expanded our products with the goal of promoting minimalism and experience over belongings in an over consuming world. Each garment is designed with obsessive attention to detail and constructed using some of the highest technology fabrics in the world. This combination means that our products exceed the demands of an active lifestyle. One might find themselves wearing our products while biking to work, on a morning walk, or even shredding fresh pow on the mountain. The result of this functionality allows people to be free from purchasing excessive amounts of clothing and spending more time and money on experiencing the world.

Please reach out and let us know what you think! We’re always happy to meet new friends, customers, and partners. 

Founding Team

Michael Williamson, Reid Paquet



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