Portland Bee Balm

Honey is a small but fun part of our lip balm. It is the most local ingredient, coming directly from the bee hives in our yard. Our bees work diligently whenever the absence of rain allows them to visit the flowers in the neighborhoods surrounding our home. We use no chemicals on our hives and we make regular hive inspections to ensure the health and happiness of the bees. Beeswax is our most important ingredient, making up more than one third of Portland Bee Balm by weight. We use beeswax harvested from our own hives as well as from other sustainability focused beekeepers in NW Oregon.

About the Label

In addition to the carefully selected ingredients used in Portland Bee Balm, we have also taken great care to make responsible choices about our packaging and displays. The label was designed and hand drawn by a local Portland artist, Forest Brook Menke-Thielman. The craft brown paper is made from 100% recycled stock. We have the labels printed and cut at a local print shop just down the street from our house.

About the Display Cases

In the stores that carry Portland Bee Balm, please notice the unique displays. Brad crafts them in our wood shopt from sustainably harvested douglas fir and Anika helps to hand paint them. We really like to accommodate our vendors as much as possible, so you may notice some unique custom displays in some local stores. The wood finish used on these displays is also also made by us. It is a mixture of sustainably harvested shellac resin (from the lac bug) and grain alcohol. This results in a food grade wood finish (shellac is used as a candy coating and also to shine apples). These that you see are just a few examples. Many more have been made in many different styles.

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