Welcome to Recess - a fresh, innovative, personalized approach to wellness where working out doesn't have to feel like a work out and healthy food doesn't always mean ""health food."" And where fun is incorporated into everything we do, because if there's a choice why the heck not? Life's too short for diets, gyms and one-size-fits-all programs. It's time for a more exciting and realistic point of view. It's time for Recess!

The Recess Way of Life

Our mission is to promote lifelong wellness through physical fitness, nutrition, rest and play. Unlike every other health company you’ve ever met, we’re not going to lie to you. There is no silver bullet. No gimmicks, pills, diets, web sites or doo-dads will work. On the other hand, whoever called getting healthy for life “the hard way” was clearly not a Recess client. We make getting healthy fun and staying healthy easy.

Corporate wellness programs

If you want a wellness program with return on investment then you’re going to need to a lot of converts. You need a health evangelist. Hi. Meet Recess.

Wellness program design, planning, and implementation

Wellness consulting and assessment

Wellness team start-up and facilitation

Incentive program design and management

Return on investment tracking

Health campaign design and implementation (Web, telephonic or on-site)

Proven program efficacy and track record


Group and small business programs

It doesn’t get much easier than bringing on-site fitness, diet, and nutrition services to you. Whether at home or in the office you and your coworkers and friends will be having so much fun that you might forget that Recess is actually good for you.

Individual programs

At Recess we know how difficult it can be to change old habits and create new lifestyles. Wellness and weight loss doesn't just happen in a gym. It's influenced by everything you do. That's why we help you to integrate a truly holistic approach to wellness into your everyday routine.

""I think everyone needs a coach. Thank to Starve-ups I now have, like, 20.""

- Tanya Barham

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