Red Duck Foods

We just might be the odd duck in the condiment world, and that’s perfectly fine with us. Red Duck Foods was born of the pioneering spirits of three graduate school friends classmates who set out to create excitement where none existed – the condiment aisle. From there, we began our mission to create superior condiments and sauces that are a surprising twist on familiar favorites.

In a break from traditional condiments, Red Duck products offer unexpected flavor complexities that are designed to enhance other foods rather than cover them up. While our condiments and sauces might seem simple, we actually take an artisan approach to making them, forming relationships with the farmers who source our ingredients, using creating proprietary spice blends and insiting usingon whole, honest ingredients. As if that weren’t different enough, we also make the extra effort to certify all of our foods USDA Organic by OTCO, so you can be assured there’s nothing but goodness in every bottle.  

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Red Duck Foods

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Karen Bonner & Shannon Oliver



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Starve Ups Fund

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