Rumblefishsm is a one-of-a-kind music-focused marketing agency that provides Music Identitysm branding and marketing programs. We use music to create and strengthen the emotional connection between you and your customer.

Rumblefishsm is paving the way for independent artists in the emerging New Music Economy while providing Fortune 1000 corporations the strongest kind of music-focused branding and marketing programs available.

A key to the success of our programs is our proprietary brand-analysis report, the Music Identitysm Brand Profile. The purpose of this report is to analyze, define and document the sounds that best integrate with our clients’ corporate brands. The Music Identitysm Brand Profile is the first step in producing coherent, multi-faceted campaigns that drive brand, enhancing public relations and increasing awareness. It is the core of the great creative we bring to our clients.

Successful music-focused campaigns are the result of great creative AND great music. We provide another innovative asset – our diverse and abundant Music Catalog comprised of indie artists under a unique licensing umbrella. The Music Catalog serves to alleviate the inherent complications and restrictions a client encounters when using songs from record labels. It is also an alternative to the stale, “me-too” music offered by libraries. Our team of music experts works full-time to find and license the best indie music and maintain the Catalog’s diversity. From oldies to rock, world music to urban/hip-hop, each of the programs we develop for our clients exploits our Music Catalog.

The Music Catalog is also core to our values.

It not only benefits our clients, but also helps the emerging independent artist who receives recognition and royalties while working outside the established music industry. Helping artists make a good living making great music benefits all parties. We are not a label, nor a library. We are THE source for hassle-free, pre-cleared music.

Paul Anthony, founder and CEO, started Rumblefishsm in 1996. A musician in his own right, Paul produced recordings with Grammy award winning artist Sarah McLachlan, composed full orchestral scores for two feature films and frequently co-produces with established artists such as the king of funk, George Clinton. Paul’s passion for authentic indie music and his desire to make indie artists successful propelled him to reinvent Rumblefishsm as a music branding agency and himself as a music industry expert. Now a seasoned 28 years old, Paul is a regular speaker at industry events and an intellectual property expert regarding the use of music related copyrights. He is frequently interviewed in media ranging from CNN to Inc. Magazine, the Wall Street Journal to Billboard.

Paul and Rumblefishsm bring an alternative approach to businesses that need awesome music for their projects. Our category-defining clients such as Pabst, adidas Originals, Red Bull, Umpqua Bank, the Sopranos, 20th Century Fox and Take 2 Interactive, prove the quality and level of our Music Identitysm branding and marketing programs. Rumblefishsm will leave no doubt in your customers’ mind of what your brand is all about.

What does your brand sound like?

"The brutal but honest feedback and guidance I've received from the group has significantly improved my business."

- Paul Anthony

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