Second Porch
Second Porch

Drive substantially more referral bookings at a lower cost, and create an exciting new channel for the future of your business.

The Web has changed forever and it's happened faster than anyone ever imagined. Through social networks like Facebook, people are connected to thousands of other people and that fundamentally changes how word-of-mouth marketing works. It is still the most effective marketing channel ever measured. But now the reach and influence can be enormous.

The best news? Your business is best suited to take advantage of this if you start now, and we'll make it incredibly easy. Second Porch uses social networking to create a new, guest-powered referral engine for your properties. Link the extended social network of each guest to your properties, all with Second Porch's Facebook-integrated websites.

Second Porch helps drive down your cost-per-bookings by opening up a totally new source of business: word-of-mouth referrals.

With Second Porch's unique set of tools, each property rented, rated or reviewed is automatically highlighted to each guest's extended social network, expanding your referral potential exponentially. A single guest can expose your property to an average of nearly 17,000 new people.

Welcome to a smarter way to market.

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