Sightbox is a membership service for contact lens wearers. A hybrid between concierge service, vision insurance alternative, and subscription box, Sightbox aims to improve access to quality eye care for contact lens wearers. All Sightbox members enjoy the same benefits:

  • Sightbox researches a well-reviewed, independent optometrist near your home or work
  • Sightbox books an appointment for you, balancing your availability, the optometrist’s ratings, the clinic’s distance from your desired address, and the soonest available appointment
  • Sightbox fully pays for your exam ahead of time, including the lens fitting, new wearer training, and any follow-up appointments
  • You receive regular shipments of contact lenses to your door
  • You do not have to come up with the entire up-front cost of an exam, lens fitting, and supply of contact lenses.

Sightbox does not have a network and supports all the major brands of soft contact lenses.  Pricing is simple – it’ s a flat fee based on modality, and membership costs completely cover toric lenses for astigmatism, color contacts, multifocal lenses, and high-power lenses.

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