What We Do

Winner of awards for innovation and social impact, Speak Shop is the first company to offer fair trade, private, face-to-face Spanish lessons via webcam with a network of independent, pre-screened, university-trained Spanish tutors in developing countries such as Guatemala.

At Speak Shop (www.speakshop.com) busy people can begin learning Spanish one-on-one with experienced tutors -- when they want, from their computer. Members see and hear their private tutor in real time using low-cost webcams.

Why We Do It: Learn Spanish for Good

We created Speak Shop to break through barriers faced by language students and tutors.

Speak Shop tutors are based in developing countries and operate as independent micro-entrepreneurs: setting their own schedules and rates. Their income opportunities are vastly expanded, creating a sustainable avenue for poverty reduction in developing countries.

By taking Spanish lessons at Speak Shop, members get exceptional instruction that help them achieve their goals. They are part of a fun and often eye-opening cross-cultural experience.

Who We Serve

Speak Shop members are located throughout the world and include professional adults, international volunteers and students. Speak Shop is often the choice of medical, legal and business professionals who seek scheduling convenience and personalized instruction.

Speak Shop also serves tutors who benefit from Speak Shop's social impact projects such as technology and business training. Tutors are university-trained and have taught Spanish for several years to students of all levels.

Speak Shop is based in Beaverton, OR and was founded by Clay Cooper and Cindy Cooper.



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