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SweetSpot is a health data company focused on improving the use of data in the treatment of diabetes. We specialize in turning raw output from patient devices into reports that are powerful for researchers, health care providers, and patients. In clinics or from home SweetSpot performs all data extraction and analysis, relieving frustration with multiple interfaces, drivers and data formats. Our goal is to help clinics make the most of their time and their patientÕs data..

In the U.S. alone, over 24M people have diabetes. Diabetes costs $116B per year directly ($27B for diabetes care, $87B for complications and excess medical costs) and $58B in lost productivity and disability. Treating diabetes is complicated by a severe shortage of specialists with patients outnumbering endocrinologists 6000-to-1. New care models are needed to reduce the complications and costs of diabetes. 

Patient device data (from home glucometers, continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps) can be used to cost-efficiently manage care, reduce costs and improve outcomes. Unfortunately, most patient-generated diabetes data is only used for an instant reading, and then wasted. This valuable data is difficult to access, which prevents its collection, analysis and use in diagnosis, treatment, research and disease management.

Accumulating research shows that data from ongoing patient monitoring is critical in better managing diabetes for individual patients, clinics and larger patient aggregations. Currently two problems prevent the use of this data. First, the hundreds of devices from a dozen manufacturers completely lack data standardization. Second, reimbursements for diabetes visits have fallen precipitously. The first makes it time-consuming and troublesome to get the data (about 15 minutes on average), the second makes device data unviable in clinical settings (when only 7 minutes are reimbursed for an entire visit) no matter how much health care providers need the data.

SweetSpot's universal platform greatly reduces the time needed to retrieve data (from home or in a clinic), profoundly improves data processing and analysis, stores data in a central cloud-based repository and presents data instantly in premium reports. Fully integrated with clinic and/or research workflow, SweetSpot delivers this information automatically to care providers, researchers and patients.

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