There are 8.8M people employed in the professional services industry in the United States. For these 8.8M lawyers, accountants, consultants, etc. time is money, and most have to track their time in order to make a living, but hate doing so. Worse yet, there are no good solutions out there for them to track their time and manage their productivity in a frictionless way. That's where Tali comes in - Tali is your conversational productivity assistant, powered by voice technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With Tali, users can track their time throughout the day using nothing more than their voice. Voice makes time capture easy and seamless, ensuring you don't lose any billable time. Tali even integrates with many popular 3rd party invoicing and billing systems, completely eliminating the chore of manual time entry. At the end of the day, Tali lets you capture more of your billable time, all while working less - and who wouldn't love that? 

Tali was founded in February 2017 by three guys, all named Matt. Tali is currently an officially approved skill on the Amazon skill store, and will soon be released on Google Assistant, with Microsoft Cortana functionality in development. Tali integrates with Clio and Rocket Matter, two large cloud-based legal practice management platforms used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. In addition, the company is going through a beta program of their Quickbooks integration, and has other planned integrations (both inside and outside of legal). 

As of January 2018, the company has hundreds of users on the Tali platform. Signups have come from all across the globe, including Canada, the UK, Europe and even Australia. While Tali is being used primarily by solo and small firm attorneys, the company is in talks with several large global law firms around potential pilot programs. The internet may have been the first, and mobile the second, but voice is the next revolution, and Tali is one of the first companies bringing voice technology into the business world. 

Founding Team

Matt Volm, Matt A-W, Matt Holland



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