The Dyrt

The Dyrt team is probably not too different from you. We love to camp, travel, and do fun things outside.

But we grew frustrated searching online for info on campgrounds and outdoor adventures. “Phone a friend” is usually the key for solid recommendations, except when you don’t have a friend where you’re trying to go.

Looking at review platforms like Yelp or TripAdvisor, we thought: Why can’t this exist for the outdoors?

So, we assembled a team of outdoor enthusiasts with years of experience in the software and marketing worlds to make it happen.

Hence The Dyrt was born. A place where anyone can share their campsite stories and learn from others across the country.

The Dyrt is now the fastest growing camping app on web and mobile, with new features being rolled out regularly. We couldn’t have this incredible trajectory without you, the dedicated outdoor enthusiasts who come out in droves seeking a solution to the same problem that inspired us to create The Dyrt.

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Founding Team

Sarah Smith, Kevin Long



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