Founded in 1999, Versation provides web-based software for educational organizations serving international students. Our suite of products focus on recruiting new students, providing value for current students and managing relationships with alumni.

After just a few short years, we've built partnerships with almost 50 schools around the world who wish to harness the tremendous power of the internet to enhance both overseas student recruitment and language education.

In addition, our international student web community is one of the largest on the internet.

Why We Do It

After spending many of our collective years living and traveling overseas, our management team fully believes in the benefits of cross-cultural education and experience. We're firmly committed to facilitating similar experiences for the millions around the world who have the same desire for broader horizons.

Who We Serve

Versation provides a diverse group of products and services for some of America's most prestigious universities, as well as large, private education companies around the world. Notable clients include Berlitz, New York University, UCLA, University of Southern California, University of Miami, University of Arizona and Georgetown.

"In terms of growing our business, Starve Ups is by far the most valuable organization we belong to. I cannot stress enough the value of sharing knowledge with some of Portland's finest entrepreneurs. We wouldn’t be where we are today without it."

- John Hayden, CEO

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John Hayden CEO

p 503.827.8021

Founding Team

John Hayden, Miguel McKelvey & Zach Hoffman





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