We have a passion for helping our customers communicate across boundaries of language, comprehension, and culture. This passion comes from understanding how important our work is to our clients. We help them communicate clearly and accurately with their domestic and global audiences, as well as with far-flung employees throughout the world. We pledge to treat our customers right, by delivering quality results, on-time and within budget.

VIA started as a translation and localization company. Over time we continue to evolve to meet the ever-shifting needs of our clients. In the digitized 21st century, languages and cultures are overlapping with unprecedented speed. Our clients, many of which are Fortune 500 companies, not only need translation, they need a technology-driven system for disseminating and monitoring their messages around an ever-shrinking globe. They need ways to immediately convey product knowledge and complex concepts to a global workforce. Plus, they need to be able to gather feedback from their audiences to ensure their communications are linguistically and culturally relevant, both globally and domestically.

Most of all, they need a partner who can help them accomplish all this in a smart and affordable way. A partner who can leverage the right technologies and the best people for maximum efficiency. This understanding is what led VIA to integrate an unusual mix of skills and disciplines such as eLearning, translation, and community insights under one roof.

We’ve developed custom solutions drawing on these integrated disciplines for several clients including Cisco, HP, Intel, Nike, Google, as well as many healthcare organizations, to help them reach their goals and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals next.


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Chanin Ballance & Dieter Waiblinger





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