WelVU Mobile provides iPad and iPhone based platforms that combine medical illustrations, custom images, and verbal conversation to create patient-specific health information videos that are portable, shareable, and personalized. The WelVU patient engagement platform provides rich features that empower healthcare providers and organizations to deliver customized, specific patient engagement solutions that powerfully address critical business and clinical issues that face major clinics, hospitals, and payers today:

Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Readmission Reduction

Quality Scores

Health Outcomes

Patient Specific

Patient engagement videos created in the WelVU platform are specific for each and every patient, making the content uniquely pertinent to that patient, improving comprehension, retention, satisfaction, and outcomes.

Provider Prescribed

Patient engagement content delivered from the patient's most trusted resource, their care provider. Easily create patient-customized content and prescribe information they will need to navigate their health and wellness.

Instantly Shared

Patient engagement content created in WelVU is immediately shareable with patients for review after their visit or discharge, or to review with family and friends who are eager to support the needs of the patient.

HIPAA Compliant

Patient engagement content from WelVU is delivered via HIPPA Compliant secure email for your patients to review conveniently on any of their personal devices, but protecting their information from access by others.

Visual Unit (TM) Driven

Patient engagement content in the WelVU apps is driven by a growing library of high quality, high resolution anatomy and physiology descriptions wrapped in robust metadata, creating smarter, scalable solutions.

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