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HRT Northwest

HRT Northwest brings a wealth of experience to assist start-ups through their entire Starve-Ups lifecycle by creating your human resources function from the ground up and then seeing it through to exit. 


Survive:  From the time you hire your very first employee, there are certain components of human resources that all organizations, regardless of industry or size, need in order to set expectations for employees, protect yourself and comply with legal regulations. Our BuildYourHR program sets you up with basic HR documents, employee handbook, employee files and mandatory postings. 


Strive:  As you grow, we grow with you and help craft your culture to ensure you are attracting and retaining employees to meet your mission. During this phase we often support with more mature programs such as performance management and compensation systems. We also provide training and coaching to managers as your staff grow and the employee problems become more complex.


Thrive:  As your organization prepares for potential acquisition or IPO, how you present your human capital will be an important part of the offering. We conduct an audit of the life cycle HR processes and address issues prior to any due diligence by a potential buyer.  


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